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It’s an understatement to say that Maryland is known for its steamed crabs. Tell an out-of-towner that you call Maryland home, and it's likely "steamed crabs" or "Old Bay" will be the first words out of their mouth. With guests attending your wedding and reception from out of state, why not send them home with the next best thing to steaming hot crabs—a Maryland crab mallet that doubles as a memento of your wedding day. And for your guests that are fortunate enough to hail from The Old Line State, any Marylander will tell you that you can't have enough mallets in store for a spur of the moment crab feast.

Photo of a Crab Mallet Bottle Opener with Wedding Rings

A Match Made in Maryland

Crabs and craft beer. Can it get any more Maryland than that? If a crab mallet isn't enough, and you REALLY want to make sure your guests keep your Maryland-themed wedding favor around, we've brought together what Maryland does best in a beautifully designed, fun (and functional) package. We all know the feeling when you arrive at your assigned table and you don't know more than a couple people if you're lucky. What better way to break the ice than giving everyone something to talk about right off the bat. That's hard to do with a coaster. But pair our bottle opener crab mallets WITH a coaster and now everyone's talking!

We ordered the crab mallets with the bottle opener and engraving and could not have been any happier with them! The bottle opener side really works well and everyone loved them at the wedding! Sarah
Photo of a Reception table set with Color Mallet Wedding Favors

Traditional Elegance

Lighting, design and color go a long, long way. The white and blue color palette is both traditional and clean when accompanied by accents of natural wood—from the steak knife handle to the wooden mallet comfortably tucked into each napkin. Everything just works without trying too hard—the ribbon and the color imprint on the mallet reflect the same color scheme. Surf and Turf—blue crab appetizer with a steak entree. We'll be there!

Photo of a Engraved Crab Mallet Favor with Crab Seasoning Favor

Burlap in the backyard

Sometimes paring everything down to their most natural elements can be the hardest thing to achieve but pays the most dividends when executed properly. Burlap, wood, twine, glass, paper—simplicity wins outright. The table covering is reminiscent of brown kraft paper used on many a table during backyard crab feasts. The rustic, natural tones are punched up by the vibrant spices in the Old Bay mason jar and the sea green tag tied around each mallet handle. What's more is the design on the mallet reflects the overall simplicity of the theme and country setting—a simple and no-fuss "q & m" monogram adorns each mallet head. Surely this couple is as down-to-earth as the materials used on each table.

We LOVED our crab mallets from Bay Imprint for our March 2013 wedding. Everyone was super friendly, responsive and I was amazed how fast they were delivered! The laser engraving looks great and is very clear and deep. I had a very specific image in mind and even had a anchor/heart design to incorporate and they nailed it the first time. I especially liked getting 3 proofs so I had a choice of fonts. Christine W.
Photo of a Engraved Crab Mallets

Weddings are just the beginning

Anniversaries—whether the first or 50th (like Jack and Alma), we all know if it occurs during crab season, it's just another excuse for a feast. The 5th anniversary gift is the wood anniversary—a perfect opportunity for personalized his and her crab mallets. We want the mallets we create to endure just like the relationships they were created for.

I could not be happier with the way the mallets turned out. My husband and I gave them out as wedding favors and we received so many compliments about them! We were lucky to even be able to take some home ourselves at the end of the night! Keri K.
Photo of a Engraved Crab Mallet with Rings

To Love, Honor, and…Old Bay?

A sentiment that is worth living by and sharing with others. This charming bit of wit will have people giving your favors a second glance, followed with a smile. After all we all know that in Maryland we Obey the Old Bay. Sometimes it's the simplest things that work the hardest. Just like our bottle opener crab mallets that juxtapose natural wood and stainless steel, this photo is so memorable because of the contrast of materials—the natural, light maple of our mallets and the silver of the bride and groom's rings.

Photo of a Engraved Crab Mallets

Photo of an Engraved Crab Mallet

Tying it all together

Grosgrain ribbon is a common accompaniment and accent to our natural wooden mallets—it lends another texture to the overall look and feel and helps tie the mallet in with the overall color scheme. In contrast to engraving, our full color decoration immediately ties your mallet into the color palette of your wedding—no strings attached—literally!

So set sail and embrace the Chesapeake landscape, the Bay, its bounty and history. We're here to help you find the right mallet with the right design to create that feeling, theme, and setting that you have brewing in your head.

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