Embroidery Advice

How does pricing work with embroidery?

For embroidered logos, the larger the logo means the more stitches required to make your logo look like your logo. The more stitches in your logo, the higher the cost. We’re good at recommending ways to keep your embroidery costs down while making sure your apparel looks as good as it can. Send us your logo to get started.

Is there a minimum for embroidery?

Yes. To offer our customers the most cost efficiency for their project, we have a minimum of at least 6-12 pieces depending on the specifics of the project. Costs will be much lower as your quantity increases (the cost per piece on an order of 6 pieces will be significantly higher than the cost per piece on an order of 500 pieces, for example). Contact us for detailed pricing on your embroidery project.

Can any logo be embroidered?

This is not an easy question to answer. The answer really lies within the smallest text or details in a logo at the specific size at which it's being embroidered. When embroidering on a garment like a shirt, smaller details are easier to maintain than they would be when embroidering on a hat. Our goal when working on your project is to stay true to the overall integrity of your logo. This will mean, at times, recommending to remove small elements, or making certain text larger — all with the end goal of a quality embroidered item when your job is complete. We will make these recommendations before we begin your project.