Custom Engraved and Full-Color Oyster Knives

Our time-tested styles of oyster knives have been designed with full-time shuckers, oyster lovers, and oyster roast hosts in mind. Not only are our shuckers made to be used, our craftsmen fully customize them with engraving or full-color decoration—all at an affordable price.

PearlPro Full-Color Oyster Knives

PearlPro Oyster Knives with Full-Color Customization

Perfect for the shucker who appreciates clean lines, our PearlPro knives are customized for your event, wedding or promotion in durable, vibrant full-color.

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Engraved Oyster Knives

Custom Engraved Oyster Knives

Custom engraved New Haven and Frenchman style wood-handled knives are classic designs used by oyster lovers up and down every coast around the world.

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