Sample logo embroidery and monograms

Can I provide my own shirts for embroidery? long as you first wash whatever you bring in—we’re talking to you smelly ice hockey jersey.

How does pricing work with embroidery?

For embroidered logos, the larger the logo means the more stitches required to make your logo look like your logo. The more stitches in your logo, the higher the cost. We’re good at recommending ways to keep your embroidery costs down while making sure your apparel looks as good as it can. Send us your logo to get started.

Is there a minimum for embroidery?

No—but like most things, the more you order, the lower the cost per item. Contact us for detailed pricing on your embroidery project.

Do you do monogramming?

Yes — on blankets, towels, duvet covers, sheets, bags, baby blankets, purses, you name it. Tell us your initials or your friend’s initials and we’ll monogram almost anything you throw our way.